Our processes are an important part of our overall services.

The first step, let's talk about what you want...

Our initial information gathering meeting is a half hour, during which we listen to you for an overview of your needs. During our time together, we'll ask questions about what's important for you, your project, and your home environment in general; and we'll talk about what to expect during design development process. We'll guide you throughout the process by keeping you updated every step of the way, and of course, we'll answer questions you may have about us. From this meeting we will have the information we need to create a comprehensive design development proposal catered to your project.

At our next meeting, we will present you with our proposal for design; this will be a comprehensive package including the estimated costs of all phases of design development. This may also include estimates for preliminary engineering, survey, or other planning consultants if the project calls for it. We can also handle all the planning submission if needed.

The initial information gathering and proposal presentation meetings are free; however, for clients who desire a one time consultation we shall gladly provide the advice you need at our current consulting rate. Also if you wish to begin design process immediately, then we will bill the time at our current rates.

The next step, design development and site planning...

Every project has its unique set of goals and challenges. We look at the whole environment to design, plan and implement creative solutions that will be complimentary to your property and enhance your home's outdoor ambiance. This part of the project takes a bit of time since it is critically important to create the look and spaces that will truly benefit you and your lifestyle. During this process we will also discuss your budget to ensure that the plans we create for you can be affordably implemented.

Here are some examples:

A recent project included goals of updating the outdoor environment and creating more usable, livable space within a backyard bound in by an existing fence and an adjacent hill. Working with the whole property, we looked beyond the existing fence to solve the structural design puzzle and used the hill to our advantage. Our team, having the depth of knowledge and experience necessary, were able to successfully excavate, change the grade of the hill's slope, and relocate the fence line. The newly created level space became the main body of the new patio.

The very visible storage shed provided another opportunity for us to balance functionality with ingenuity. We created a shed in a pleasing cottage style and integrated plant materials to create a pleasant scene.

Other aspects of the project allowed us to use interesting materials and create a cohesive transition from one area to the next, including: driveway pavers with colors that worked well with the house itself; flagstone for the back patio, seat walls for the newly built fountain and barbecue; and natural stone for the terracing.

Throughout the process we kept our client informed and involved, with results beyond our client's expectations.

At a different site the challenge was to build a custom outdoor kitchen in a location away from the house and without the needed utilities. Adding utilities is not a trivial task, and it's a necessary skill set to provide functionality for the new built-in barbeque structure.

We'd love to provide you with the same personalized design and service to attain your own timeless outdoor environment.

The big build, getting it in the ground...

Once the design is complete, we'll provide you with a firm cost proposal for the job, work out the details; and when it's a GO, we'll get busy. This is where the real fun starts as we bring our construction skills to bear to implement your new landscape.

And of course, throughout the construction process we will be in constant communication about progress and will address any changes in a way that keeps the project running smoothly through completion.
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